Schonbek Esmery 8 Light French Gold Chandelier

Schonbek Esmery 12 Light Etruscan Gold Chandelier

Product Information

  • Name of Chandelier: Esmery 12 Light Etruscan Gold Chandelier Ceiling Light in Optic
  • Manufacturer/Brand: Schonbek
  • Model Number: AR1012N-23O
  • Price Range: $5,520.75 (Discounted from $6,495.00, Original List Price: $9,742.50)
  • Purchase Location: Online with Exclusive Trade Pricing and Free Shipping

Initial Impressions

  • Design/Aesthetic Appeal: The Esmery 12 Light Chandelier embodies grandeur and sophistication with its Etruscan Gold finish and clear optic crystals. Its design seamlessly blends traditional elegance with a touch of contemporary flair, making it a versatile centerpiece for any setting.
  • Size and Dimensions: Standing at 38.75 inches in height and 37 inches in length, this chandelier’s size is perfect for adding a dramatic focal point in large rooms or spaces with high ceilings, such as grand entryways, formal dining rooms, or spacious living areas.
  • Installation Process: Given its size and the delicacy of optic crystals, installation might require careful handling and possibly professional assistance. The process is straightforward with clear instructions, but the 80-inch chain offers flexibility in height adjustment.

Lighting Performance

  • Light Quality: This chandelier supports twelve B10 incandescent bulbs, providing ample, warm light that enhances the ambiance of any room without overpowering. Its capacity for adjustable brightness (with the right dimmable bulbs and switches) allows for creating the perfect mood for any occasion.
  • Light Distribution: The arrangement of lights and crystals ensures a balanced distribution of light, casting a luxurious sparkle that complements the gold finish, without causing glare or uneven lighting.
  • Bulb Compatibility: Designed for E12 sockets, it accommodates a variety of bulb types, allowing for customization of lighting effects. Bulbs are not included, offering the opportunity to choose energy-efficient or color-temperature adjustable LEDs for a personalized touch.

Build Quality and Durability

  • Materials and Construction: Schonbek’s commitment to quality is evident in the use of premium metals and clear optic crystals, ensuring both visual appeal and longevity.
  • Stability and Durability: This chandelier is crafted to be a lasting piece of art, with its construction and materials promising durability and stability over time, maintaining its beauty with minimal maintenance.

Features and Versatility

  • Adjustability: The generous chain length provides considerable adjustability in hanging height, making it suitable for various architectural styles and ceiling heights.
  • Versatility: The Esmery’s classic yet versatile design ensures it can elevate the decor of a wide range of spaces, from more traditional settings to modern homes looking for a touch of classic charm.

Value for Money

  • Price Comparison: Offering a significant reduction from its original price, the Esmery Chandelier presents exceptional value, especially considering its brand, craftsmanship, and aesthetic appeal.
  • Included Accessories: All necessary mounting hardware is included, though bulbs must be purchased separately, allowing for customization of light quality.
  • Warranty and Customer Support: Schonbek’s warranty and customer support reflect their confidence in the chandelier’s quality and their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros: Luxurious design, high-quality materials, substantial size for grand spaces, flexibility in installation and light customization.
  • Cons: Requires careful installation, bulbs not included, may be priced higher than some budgets allow.

Final Thoughts

  • Overall Rating: 4.9/5
  • Recommendation: The Esmery 12 Light Etruscan Gold Chandelier is recommended for those seeking to invest in a lighting fixture that combines luxurious design with versatile functionality, suitable for both traditional and contemporary spaces.
  • Best Suited For: Ideal for large spaces looking for a statement piece that provides both aesthetic appeal and functional lighting, from luxurious dining rooms to grand entryways.

Enter an ambiance of refined beauty and inviting light with the Esmery 12 Light Etruscan Gold Chandelier, symbolizing the pinnacle of beautiful illumination that lift your surroundings to a sanctuary of style and serenity.