Century 5 Light Heirloom Gold Chandelier

Century 5 Light Heirloom Gold Chandelier

Product Information

Name of Chandelier: Century 5 Light 17 inch Heirloom Gold Chandelier Ceiling Light
Manufacturer/Brand: Schonbek
Model Number: 1704-22
Price Range: $1,100.75 (Reduced from $1,295.00, Original List Price: $1,942.50 – Save 43.33% for a LIMITED time)
Purchase Location: Online Retailers, Select Finish: Heirloom Gold

Initial Impressions

Design/Aesthetic Appeal: The Century 5 Light Chandelier exudes timeless elegance, fitting seamlessly into both modern and traditional settings. Its Heirloom Gold finish and Clear Heritage Handcut Crystal construction reflect Schonbek’s commitment to quality and design excellence. The chandelier’s style is a perfect blend of classic and luxury, making it a striking centerpiece.

Size and Dimensions: Measuring at 17 inches, this chandelier is perfectly sized for medium to large spaces such as dining rooms or foyers. It strikes a balance between being imposing and harmoniously fitting into its intended space.

Installation Process: The chandelier’s installation is straightforward, with a lead wire length of 129 inches providing flexibility in height adjustment. Although bulbs are not included, the E12 socket supports standard B10 bulbs, making setup and bulb sourcing convenient. Professional installation might be preferred to ensure safety and optimal positioning.

Lighting Performance

Light Quality: With the capacity for five B10 bulbs, the Century Chandelier offers adjustable light quality, suitable for creating both warm and inviting or bright and functional atmospheres, depending on the bulbs chosen.

Light Distribution: Its design ensures a balanced distribution of light, enhancing any room’s ambiance without overwhelming glare or uneven lighting spots.

Bulb Compatibility: Supporting up to 60.00 watts per bulb, it is compatible with LED, incandescent, and energy-saving bulbs, allowing for customization of lighting effects and energy efficiency.

Build Quality and Durability

Materials and Construction: The Heirloom Gold finish and Clear Heritage Handcut Crystal showcase high-quality materials, ensuring the chandelier remains a lasting piece of luxury. There’s a noticeable absence of flaws or defects, testament to Schonbek’s craftsmanship.

Stability and Durability: The Century Chandelier’s construction promises long-term durability and stability, with minimal maintenance required to maintain its sparkle and structural integrity.

Features and Versatility

Adjustability: The chain’s length can be adjusted for varying ceiling heights, making it a versatile option for different spaces.

Additional Features: While the chandelier does not include modern functionalities like remote control or app integration, its timeless design compensates by fitting a wide range of decorative styles and settings.

Versatility: Its classic design ensures the Century Chandelier is suited for various room types and decor styles, from traditional dining rooms to contemporary living spaces.

Value for Money

Price Comparison: Given its reduced price and the quality of materials, the Century Chandelier offers exceptional value, especially when compared to other high-end chandeliers in the market.

Included Accessories: Mounting hardware is included, though bulbs are to be purchased separately.

Warranty and Customer Support: Schonbek’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in their warranty and responsive customer support, ensuring peace of mind with your investment.

Pros and Cons


  • Timeless design suitable for a variety of interiors
  • High-quality materials and craftsmanship
  • Adjustable height for versatile installation
  • Excellent value for a luxury brand


  • Bulbs not included, requiring additional purchase
  • Lacks modern features like dimming capabilities or smart home integration

Final Thoughts

Overall Rating: ★★★★★ (5.0)
Recommendation: Highly recommended for those seeking to invest in a chandelier that combines timeless elegance with durable craftsmanship. It’s particularly well-suited for spaces where a touch of luxury and tradition is desired.

Best Suited For: This chandelier is ideal for both traditional and modern homes looking to add a statement piece that blends seamlessly with various decor styles, from elegant dining rooms to sophisticated foyers.

In the quest for a chandelier that bridges the gap between classic allure and contemporary sophistication, the Century 5 Light Heirloom Gold Chandelier by Schonbek emerges as a luminary masterpiece. Its sale presents a rare opportunity to infuse your space with a touch of timeless elegance, underscored by Schonbek’s signature quality and style.